June 11: Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

June 11th is the annual Day of Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners. Although we hold our imprisoned friends and comrades in our hearts every day, June 11th is a day to reflect on the particular struggles and support needs of those who are doing long sentences. Initiated by friends of Eric McDavid and Marius Mason, June 11th has expanded to include other anarchist prisoners around the world. Thursday June 11, 7pm.

This June 11th at The Tower, we will be hosting an event in support of Nyki Kish, an anarchist, traveller, musician, poet and generally wonderful person who is serving a life sentence in Kitchener for a murder she did not commit. Nyki’s mother, Christine, will be present to give updates about Nyki’s case and her situation in Grand Valley Prison, as well as about the current context of incarceration in Canada more broadly. We will also be screening some short films about Grand Valley and about other long-term anarchist prisoners in North America. Delicious food and lots of blank postcards will be provided.