Accessibility at The Tower

At The Tower, we see accessibility as an ongoing work in progress. On the occassion of (finally) getting a ramp for the space, we want to communicate in more detail about accesssiblity at The Tower. Although accessibility was important for us from the beginning, we did make the decision to prioritize affordability and proximity to downtown over physical accessiblity when choosing a location. We figured a less-than-ideal location was better than no social space, although these priorities did mean some people have been excluded from the space. We have been finding ways to make the space more accessible as we go along and hope to keep working on this.

For physical accessibility, the space currently has a ramp from StopGap that spans the two steps to the front door, so the main room at The Tower is barrier free. Since the space comes right to the sidewalk, the ramp is not permanent and needs to be carried in and out when we open and close. The ramp is quite heavy, so we encourage groups using the space to either plan to have a couple of people willing to help lift it or to make arrangements with The Tower Collective for someone to be there to help.

Unfortunately, the washroom in the space is quite narrow and is unlikely to accomodate most accessibility devices. There are no grab bars or other accesibility features in the washroom (although adding some will be our next physical accessibility project).

The Tower can be reached by the Cannon or Barton buses and its location at Canon and Victoria makes it pretty central for access by downtown residents. We have kids toys, art supplies, and books in the space, and sharing care for children during events is a priority for us.