There is no charge for use of the space – it’s available for free, if it fits loosely within our guidelines, for individuals and groups. We have no government or commercial funding. No organizational or NGO support, the operating costs of The Tower are covered solely through donations. Our finance model is two-fold:

1) Sustainers  Individuals commit to financially sustaining the project through monthly donations of $25-$100. You can sign-up to become a sustainer at any time, and can likewise cease to be sustainer anytime you choose.

Become a Monthly Sustainer

2) One-Time Donations Individuals and groups make one-time donations to the space. These donations can be earmarked for a specific purpose (e.g. purchasing books for the library or printing costs) or given to cover the general operating costs of the project (e.g. rent, utilities, supplies etc.).

If you would like to support The Tower as either a sustainer or with a one-time donation, you can do so online via Paypal with the links provided (credit and debt accepted via Paypal) using the buttons below or by getting a hold of us at

One-time Donations