June 12: Winning is Complicated Screening: La Haine

The tense, often riotous relationship between disenfranchised French youth and the police is examined in this hard-hitting drama. The story is set in the housing projects outside of Paris and takes place during a 24-hour period. It centers on three youths. The night before, a riot had ensued after a second-generation Arab was severely beaten by the police. The next day, the young men go to Paris, and end up getting arrested and interrogated by the police. Later the trio gets involved in a rumble with skinheads. The boys then return home and encounter something they never suspected. Friday June 12, 7pm

About the Series: Winning is Complicated. The history of revolutionary struggle is wrought with failure, and let’s face it, even when we do win, this often looks remarkably different than what was envisioned. Winning can engender a whole new set of complications. What lessons can be drawn from past struggles? What can we learn from the losses, as well as the successes of the past?

The ‘Winning is Complicated’ film series screens documentaries and films that highlight past social movements, revolutions, uprisings and insurrections, and radical community projects. A facilitated discussion follows each screening.

The screenings take place the second Friday of every month at 7pm.