June 21: Dynamic Meditation

Sunday, June 21st 9:30am

First a short story:

‘Once it happened-two dogs were watching people do Dynamic Meditation ,and I heard one dog say to the other: when I do this my master gives me worm pills’

Dynamic Meditation lasts an hour and is in 5 stages. It can be done alone,but the the energy will be more powerful if it is done in a group. It is an individual experience so you should remain oblivious of others around you and keep your eyes closed throughout ,preferably using a blindfold . It is best to have an empty stomach and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

First stage: 10 minutes

Breathe chaotically through the nose, concentrating always on the exhalation, The body will take care of the inhalation. Do this as fast and as hard as you possibly can-and then a little harder, until you literally become the breathing. use your natural body movements to help you to build up your energy. Feel it building up, but don’t let go during the first stage.

Second stage: 10 minutes.

Explode! Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Go totally mad, scream, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh, throw yourself around. Hold nothing back, keep your whole body moving. A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. be total.

Third Stage: 10 minutes.

With raised arms, jump up and down shouting the mantra ‘HOO! HOO! HOO! ‘as deeply as possible .Each time you land, on the flats of your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Give all you have, exhaust yourself totally.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes.

Stop! Freeze where you are in whatever position you find yourself . Don’t arrange the body in way. A cough, a movement, anything will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is Happening to you.

Fifth stage:15 minutes.

Celebrate and rejoice with music and dance, expressing your gratitude towards the whole. Carry your happiness with you throughout the day.

Summary First three stages are cathartic methods, ‘so that first what civilization has done to you can be undone, so that you become primitive again. .From that primal innocence, insight becomes easily available .’

Matteo Please ask whatever needs asking

The non-judgmental observing: ‘ be a witness to everything that is happening to you’ is the meditation.