June 8: Zine Launch: The Hot Tray Hooper

Thursday, June 8, 7pm. The Hot Tray Hooper and other stories told while doing time” is a collection of sixteen 03short-stories recounting the last sixteen days in jail of your friend, Cedar Rabbit. Where most jail stories tend to be depressing, these stories focus on the lightness and human connection people rely on to make time incarcerated bearable — “Because if you’re not doing time laughing, you’re doing hard time”. Every cell holds a caged story, a truth denied. Finding ways to engage those experiences is key to resisting the violence of the prison system and envisioning different relationships, even in the belly of the beast.

The Hot Tray Hooper is the first zine to be published at The Tower InPrint and it’s been beautifully laid out by Sirens of a Violent Storm.

The writer of the stories will read a few of them and discussing some of the political context around his arrest and imprisonment, as well as some ideas for how to think about prison. A member of the print shop collective will be present to discuss that project and the production of the zine.