The Tower | Hamilton’s Anarchist Social Space


A storefront for events, socializing, organizing, and political conversations. It isn’t religious, a social service, or a business. It’s based on the principle of people helping each other out. It is funded by the people who use it and value it it is run by time and labour freely donated by people like you.

The Tower is an anarchist social space located in downtown Hamilton at 778 Barton Street East. Rooted in a commitment to furthering radical struggle, the space aims to support and provide a resource for local activist groups, community organizations, revolutionaries, and anyone sympathetic to anarchist principles of (direct) action, mutual aid and solidarity, voluntary association, prefiguration, equality, and autonomy.

The Tower hosts events such as workshops, skill-shares, discussion series, reading groups, movie screenings, and speaking engagements, as well provides a free meeting space for groups and projects. The space aims to create opportunities for radicals, and anarchists specifically, in Hamilton to cross paths, exchange ideas and analyses, and to collectively strategize.

The Tower is committed to reaching outside of the pre-existing activist networks in Hamilton, and aims to provide a visible point of entry for those new to and/or curious about radical politics. The space is not an end in and of itself, but a means to building our movements, strengthening our networks, and expanding our capacities to resist.

Why ‘The Tower’?

PlayingCardThe Tower tarot card represents crisis, upheaval and liberation — the ruling order, built on false foundations, is toppled by the strike of lightning, taking with it the power, values and influence of a small elite. Although this change may be difficult, it isn’t necessarily bad — It can represent a change for the better. Named for this card, The Tower provides room for events and projects which seek to spark systemic change. Acting as a hub to connect and support unfunded, horizontal organizing in Hamilton, we offer resources, debate and accomplices for political action. By organizing without leaders or followers, on our own time with other people who share similar ideas, we can build our own power today while destabilizing the foundations of society’s ivory towers.

This card is an ill-omen for the powerful who exploit, steal and subjugate the rest of us, attempting to live as gods among us — through dethroning their power, we can find our own.

“Centered amidst a black sky, lightning strikes a stone tower. Flames erupt from the top of the tower and from out of the building’s windows. There are two men falling out of the tower. Both are falling headfirst, one diving forward, the other falling backwards, neither in control. The tower itself is on a craggy cliff and the men appear to be falling even further past the foundation of the building. Atop the edifice, a giant gold crown has been dislodged by the thunderbolt and is being lifted up and off the top of the tower. Billowing clouds of gray smoke are everywhere.”